Feb 23, 2018

one more last minute snowflake

recycled: cardbord wrapping of some scrapbooking embellishments (vanishing stripes)

xmas '17

Feb 22, 2018

white xmas card

pearlescent and matte whites
this is a last minute card, hastily made just a moment before the holidays

xmas '17

Feb 21, 2018

another snowflake on shades of red

snowflake die by kesi'art
printed snowflakes: free vectors found online
red watercolor papers

xmas '17

Feb 20, 2018

snowflake on pink and red and light brown

snowflake die by kesi'art
neon pink paper from sticky note pad
printed snowflakes: free font + free vector

admittedly, it's easter on the horizon, but... it's still winter here in central europe, so... ;)

xmas '17

Dec 21, 2017

star on red & green 2

the top snowflake is a cutout from wrapping paper
(actually silver)
rhinestones from my bracelet

there is no chance you can see it on those photos
(sorry for shooting at midnight...)
 but I covered the middle snowflake with self-adhesive 
tracing paper (it beautifully tones down any print making it looking soft 
and also adds pretty satin finish)

recycled green paper file

xmas '17

Dec 20, 2017

star on red & green

spray painted thumbtack in the center
- I trimmed the pin actually -
all 3 snowflakes found online (some from holiday fonts)

xmas '17

Dec 18, 2017

one more snowflake card

snowflakes laser printed but the hexagon outline was eventually added by hand
(with a little help of a ruler)

xmas '17

Dec 16, 2017

snowy snowflake card

white pearlescent paper
2 laser printed snowflakes (found online and photoshopped)
1 silver snowflake from wrapping paper (the top one)

this year snowflakes are my main xmas cards theme :)

xmas '17

Dec 15, 2017

season for snowflakes

the light paper is pearlescent
I designed the snowflakes/stars using a vector and a raster picture found online

although it's barely seen the paper on which the big snowflake is printed
has been very lightly coffee dyed

xmas '17

Dec 13, 2017

pink poinsettia with gold

pretty texture papers by fabriano
beautiful light gold cardboard that can hardly be seen on my photos unfortunately

recycled: envelope liner + invitation (green leaves print)

xmas '17

Dec 12, 2017

light yellow poinsettia

same here as yesterday: patern paper in the center comes from a magazine 
(wallpaper print or something) + selfadhesive tracing paper on top

recycled cardboard

xmas '17

Dec 11, 2017

more poinsettias

the beige pattern paper in the center was a magazine advertisement
(some home decor company)

xmas '17

Dec 5, 2017