Feb 13, 2020

springtime on the horizon

recycled turquoise (paper tissue) cardboard box
pink paper is a sticky note glued onto some thicker paper

easter '19

Sep 22, 2019

anna's retirement card

for an avid traveller

boarding pass inside reads:
date - often
boarding time - not too early
destination - where the day takes you
seat - sure thing a window one
and so on...:)

all the ribbons/fabric scraps hair sprayed and ironed

since my prima hydrangeas were faded
I colored them with a regular pink highlighter

april '19

Sep 19, 2019

lavender for birthday

vase from envelope liner
lavender printed with regular office laser printer
this pearl is actually a button

december '18

Sep 18, 2019

pink polycotton rose

just made from fabric squares and staples
recycled green invitation paper (foliage)
leane creatief flower die
leaves cut with circle punches

I guess winter '15

Sep 17, 2019

ewa's retirement card

I was asked to make a card like this
which was given in a sewn parchment paper envelope
closed with small clothespin I embellished with pattern paper
the pink tag reads "good luck"

since the text inside was quite long the card itself had to be pretty large too
(about half a letter size)
jeans fabric + vintage dotted scrapbooking paper + papertrey ink die (dots)

I also "opened" the cage in PS and added a bird atop

feel free to use this illustration if you wish
(click to get it large)

summer '19

Sep 13, 2019

lots of colors for a friend

kesi'art & papertrey ink dies
b&w paper: laser printed pattern found online
best ever circle punch: wooodware
spray painted button

february '18

Sep 5, 2019

making flowers from scraps

papertrey ink flower dies
white fabric + copy paper used to protect table when fabric dyeing

Sep 4, 2019

paper gift bag

recycled bag + recycled birthday card
ribbons stiffened with hair spray

made some time ago

Jul 17, 2019

simple flower card

midnight smartphone photography... please excuse the quality ;)
i wish you could see that the leaves are made of pretty pearlescent paper
wire stem & spray painted button
the center floral bacground is actually made from a magazine page
depicting some wallpaper (?)

it's for the first wedding anniversary of maƂgosia and lech

june '19