Aug 12, 2014

in vino veritas

i used a faux leather belt and fabric leftovers
printed on light brown envelope paper

as you can guess this bag is meant for a bottle of wine
hope it looks 'masculine' :)

Aug 7, 2014

romantic birthday card

dies: summer foliage by magnolia doohickey & garden branch by marianne design
paper: regular copy paper in light pink & recycled cake box (stripes)
& drawing pad from dollar store (love this grayish beige!)

also, i used a piece of cotton (stained with coffee) to make this flower-like embellishment

splendid es (with a little help from a calligraphy pen as my toner didn't like this paper...)

Jul 31, 2014

romantic heart

vintage botanical illustration (found on the net & photoshoped)
printed on reused brown wrapping paper

the heart was made of the same dish towel as this one plus some thick off-white cotton from ikea

i actually use pillow inserts to stuff hearts
one insert for the smallest throw pillow (the cheapest i can get!) lasts me a looong time :)

and...the no-sentiment version you see in the middle
is how the tag looked initially - then i messed everything up when writing on the inside ;)

Jul 28, 2014

kind of coastal heart

this is my first* iron-on try (quite lucky i guess!)
-- just fyi, i used cotton with substantial lycra addition and it works perfect as well --
gal from this blog, photoshoped a bit
frame from leftover thick fabric by ikea (i've made a beach bag i'll blog about soon)


* i assume my epic fails as a kid in late 80s don't count ;)
there were ready made iron-ons available in shops, mainly popular brands' logos,
and my grandma wasn't happy to find out i ironed "Puma" 
(or actually just a portion of it...) onto one of her favorite blouses ;)))

Jul 22, 2014

birthday cheer

aqua craft foam from 99 cents store
'najlepszego' means '(we wish you all the) best!' and was printed on a recycled envelope
red cardstock: pure poppy by papertrey ink
triangles: packaging from an embossing folder (lifestyle crafts i guess)
cute light aqua ribbon from wallmart

now for the illustration :)

late 80s my mother used to buy West Germany's fashion magazine called 'Brigitte'
(whoa! looks like they still publish it and it's pretty popular...)
those guys are from there, which means i kept them for, like, almost three decades...
it sure was scanned, photoshoped and laser printed again

i was unlucky to find out the artist, 
yet they take me back to fido dido times, when i was a kid :)))) 

it's more of a tag for a bar of chocolate then a card (not folded, just one page)

Jul 19, 2014

check & fern / masculine card

circle punch by woodware
check pattern by american crafts (discontinued)
i photoshoped & laser printed this fern
(found somewhere over the net, where vintage botanical illustration are collected,
can't recall where exactly, sorry about that)

Jul 16, 2014

paper clamp revamp

how to:

1. clean your clamp with some detergent, alcohol or antything alike & dry it

2. iron your fabric (cotton works fabulous)

3. adhere a small piece of fabric to a small piece of adhesive tape
(i used the one meant for carpets)

4. before removing protecting paper measure and cut the exact rectangle you need
and then measure again :)

5. adhere it to the clamp, open and close several times

6. leave it overnight and check if everything still sticks fine,
if not, which is possible, improve it with some strong glue,
preferably anything that bonds metal
(tape will prevent any leakage to the fabric)


does this count as a masculine clamp? :)
i got it from my BF, maybe he can have it back...maybe ;)

Jul 14, 2014

coastal bookmarks with vintage illustrations

supply list::
vintage marine related illustrations from all over the net (photoshoped + laser printed)
regular printer paper dyed with wood stain
laser prints covered with off-white masking tape
recycled corrugated cardboard, old wallpapers, brown envelopes, IKEA paper bags
blueish pearlescent cardstock and some paper advertising flyers (this cute waves/Japanese pattern)
cotton and waxed cords, raffia, shells, wooden beads, stripes of cotton fabric
white plastic netting bag they sell garlic in :)

modern coastal bookmarks can be seen here :)

Jul 12, 2014

coastal card

was i supposed to rhyme in english the line would be:
'shapely gals from the coast kiss the best and the most'

circle punch by woodware
vintage illustration from the net (photoshoped)
glass effect gel by viva decor (crystal clear)

Jul 9, 2014

felt bottle bag

as for sewing bottle bags, i'm definitely more drawn to using felt than anything else
the process is super fast & easy plus they look so neat

flower: petals from IKEA
faux leather straps
acrylic felt
splendid es font ('very heartfelt wishes')

this felt was actually meant for easter cards, but in the meantime some different approach was taken ;)

Jul 6, 2014

super clean & super simple apple card

i used a half of a styrofoam apple, the kind florists use
and cotton striped fabric that i lined with adhesive paper,
which made possible to easily and smoothly glue it to the base :)

Jul 4, 2014

some more simple gift tags

flower punch by dp craft

these are actually stickers (adhesive foam tape added at the back)

Jul 1, 2014

gift tags for teachers

they teach my co-worker's son :)

traditional scallop edge punch by martha stewart
paper cord from IKEA (i purchased this one ages ago)

Jun 28, 2014

experimental kind of card

kraft cardstock from papertrey ink

i scanned this climbing plant from an IKEA's old paper box
and then printed it on dahlias coming from Habitat's charity cards

embellished with self-adhesive pearls, eyelets and metal stickers (mark richards, love them)

kinda like it :)
i would add some machine stitches now, but the card had to be given right away,
before i could get around to this ;)))

Jun 25, 2014

botanical card

vintage botanical illustration found over the net
check pattern (laser printed) designed by me

i made the rose myself, similar roses herehere and here

Jun 23, 2014

annaplanner :)

planner for anna i mean ;)
dp craft flower punch
botanical illustration found somewhere over the net (sorry, i can't recall)
girl from here if i remember right (photoshoped a bit)

i made the lines strip in adobe illustrator