Nov 23, 2017

english tea snowflake

snowflake printed on a regular office printer (laser), found online

metallic (although it's barely visible on photos) sentiment from wrapping paper
tea cardboard box (pattern background)

xmas '15

Nov 21, 2017

red wreath

glass ornaments & buttons: spray painted (gold champagne/motip trendy specials)
red squares: painted strawberry basket wood

Nov 20, 2017

speaking of place cards...

xmas eve place cards
snowflakes from a free vector set found online
beads from a tree bead chain

xmas '10

Nov 19, 2017

place cards with angels

xmas place cards from the past :)
the same angel as yesterday

and this is my original drawing
(as you can guess from the eyebrows below I actually selected
a couple of vintage-illustration face features to draw angels):

and here is a cool blog with cool vintage illustrations

Nov 18, 2017

hand-drawn angel cards

eyes + lips + nostrils from a vintage illustration
all the rest by me (fountain pen)

I designed this angel 8 years ago and already have posted here
these are the original cards with this design though

funnily enough, one of my friends said
she liked her card a lot with this... girl in a poncho ;D 

cheesecloth, brown paper

xmas '09 
I have just found the photos...:)

Nov 17, 2017

Nov 15, 2017

one more poinsettia card

chevron pattern by me (laser print) + magazine illustration (center part)
sentiment printed on a neon post-it card

this poinsettia was a leftover my mother gave me - nellie's choice die

xmas '16

Nov 14, 2017

last minute double red frame santa card

vintage santa illustration found online and laser printed (after some PS has been applied ;))
red craft foam

it is tiny again (ca 4″ by 4″)

xmas '14

Nov 10, 2017

poinsettia card

2 envelope liners
sentiment printed on a neon post-it note card

this poinsettia was a leftover from my mother's xmas production - nellie's choice die

xmas '16

Nov 9, 2017

o christmas tree, o christmas tree...

tree illustration found online
plaid pattern + sentiment made by me (both laser printed)

xmas '14

Nov 8, 2017

one more santa

pattern by me (laser print) - these are slashes (leading and tracking set + slanted)
the santa found online and printed the same way
neon pink thread

xmas '14