Feb 25, 2013

for sophie again

This card is a perfect example of what I heart in cardmaking: recycling {this magenta flowers photo from a magazine + the light gray paper in the middle}, some (my) work in Adobe Illustrator {the tag using saffron too font + the frame}, simplicity and a small color palette. I also laser printed this pretty net-found pattern and dyed the paper in my morning coffee ;)

I mainly expose the wrong side of satin ribbons, this flat one I mean. If the particular ribbon offers different sides, anyway. The shiny one is usually not to my liking. And this is the case.

Over the weekend I was playing with a very special gift from katka :))) Details to come soon ;)

1 comment:

  1. I znów się zachwyca,...sama nie wiem, czy umiałabym super piękną kartkę wybrać....