Jul 16, 2014

paper clamp revamp

how to:

1. clean your clamp with some detergent, alcohol or antything alike & dry it

2. iron your fabric (cotton works fabulous)

3. adhere a small piece of fabric to a small piece of adhesive tape
(i used the one meant for carpets)

4. before removing protecting paper measure and cut the exact rectangle you need
and then measure again :)

5. adhere it to the clamp, open and close several times

6. leave it overnight and check if everything still sticks fine,
if not, which is possible, improve it with some strong glue,
preferably anything that bonds metal
(tape will prevent any leakage to the fabric)


does this count as a masculine clamp? :)
i got it from my BF, maybe he can have it back...maybe ;)

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