Jul 22, 2014

birthday cheer

aqua craft foam from 99 cents store
'najlepszego' means '(we wish you all the) best!' and was printed on a recycled envelope
red cardstock: pure poppy by papertrey ink
triangles: packaging from an embossing folder (lifestyle crafts i guess)
cute light aqua ribbon from wallmart

now for the illustration :)

late 80s my mother used to buy West Germany's fashion magazine called 'Brigitte'
(whoa! looks like they still publish it and it's pretty popular...)
those guys are from there, which means i kept them for, like, almost three decades...
it sure was scanned, photoshoped and laser printed again

i was unlucky to find out the artist, 
yet they take me back to fido dido times, when i was a kid :)))) 

it's more of a tag for a bar of chocolate then a card (not folded, just one page)